Elijah North is the new guy at MANAWORKS, the “finest magical solutions company in the Southern Hemisphere” (according to the brochures, anyway). The company’s Agents are in great demand for dealing with Leak Entities, magical monsters who cause havoc wherever they appear.

What drew Elijah to Manaworks? Why, it was the fact that the company employs the legendary Archagent Marie Keye, whose televised monster-hunting exploits have drawn his eye for the last year. An Apprenticeship with her would be a dream come true! What a great career move!

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out that way, and what follows is the plot of the comic. Also LGBT themes.

Q: Is this a gay/BL comic?
A: It’s not a straightforward gay romance story, no.

Q: Are there any content warnings?
A: Yep, take a look at those in the notes under the first page.

Q: Hey, some of these characters look familiar! Is that Juliet from Sanctuary?
A: You’re right, that is Juliet! But this story is set in a different universe to Sanctuary. So Juliet (and any other characters you recognize) are AU versions of what you saw in Sanctuary.


Hi there! I’m Nicky Fey, I draw the comic. I wrote it because I wanted to read a story with LGBT characters and themes I could relate to. Also I live in Australia and thought it would be neat to see LGBT characters in an Australian setting.

Q: Does this mean the characters are speaking in Australian accents?
A: They speak in whatever accent you read ’em with, mate – except Richard, who has a residual Yorkshire tone.